Friday, February 27, 2009

Chocowate ina my milk!

Just when you think that maybe you can pull one over on a 2 year old...they catch you! Korben loves milk. He had no problems switching over from formula to whole milk (thank goodness) and would drink plain white milk in the beginning like a champ. Then we started adding a drinkable yogurt to his morning cup of milk (just to help him get a few more vitamins or whatever). His favorite is the Mixed Berry flavored one...I can't remember the brand.

Anyway...THEN somebody (surely it wasn't my own mother) started giving him chocolate milk. Well any kid knows that if milk is good, chocolate milk is EVEN BETTER. :o) So now my son won't hardly drink just plain white milk at all. But I still try to sneak it in on him when I can.

(You may want to pause the music player at the bottom before playing video clip.)

I had him. I gave him his cup in the kitchen and he turned it up and started chugging...all the way from the kitchen to the living room (which...I know...isn't that far). Sat down on his bean bag and kept drinking away while watching his "Dirt Monsters" DVD (see previous post).

And then it soon as I walked in the living room to sit down and relax, what did I hear from him? "Chocowate ina my milk...PWEASE!?"

PS...I'm sure it seems that I made all this up due to the fact that as the video starts he seems perfectly content until my prodding of "What do you want in your cup?", but I can assure you that the statement had already been made to me about a dozen times!! I just made him wait long enough for me to get my camera so I could try to capture his sweet little voice on video. I love the way he pronounces "chocolate" and "milk"...and also how he says "ina" instead of just "in". My sweet little buddy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

An attempt at catching up...

I know, I know... I'm slacking.

Many of you have told me and you're all so right. Why in the world is it so hard for me to keep this blog updated. ha! I don't have the answer, but here's my attempt at catching you up to speed.

Lots of posts to follow.

Pwease, Jesus...

{Conversation between me and Korben (and Jesus) in Brookhaven on Friday, February 20, 2009.}

We're waiting in the drive through lineat Popeye's behind 2 other cars to when a firetruck passes on Brookway Boulevard with sirens screaming and lights flashing. Korben gets very excited!!

K: Wook, wook, Mama! A firetruck! A firetruck!!

Me: Yes, I see it!

K: Mama...where's the firetruck go? I don't see him.

Me: Well, baby, the firetruck must be on the way to a fire. Someone probably needs their help and so they're going to do their job and rescue somebody. They might have to put out a fire.

K: Oh. Okay, Mama. I'm sorry, I don't see the firetruck anymore.

Me: It's okay, Korben. You don't have to be sorry. I'll tell you what we need to do. Let's say a prayer for the firemen and the people that they're going to help. Let's pray that Jesus will keep everybody safe.

K: OKAY!!! We say prayer!

Me: Dear Jesus...

K: [Quickly clasping hands together and squinting eyes closed and WITHOUT PAUSE]
Dear Jesus, I want to see another one firetruck. PWEASE??? AMEN!

WOW!!! I love this boy so much!

Happy Balwentime's Day!!!!!!

Christmas with Our Families 2008

Johnston Family Christmas @ Misti and Jason's house.

Lofton Family Christmas @ Mammy & PawPaw's house. Evidently there was a musical theme there this year. Korben got a drum set, Micah got a hot pink guitar (which Korben wanted to steal from her), and Caroline got lots of little singing toys.

Altman Family Christmas @ Pappy & Gammy's house. Korben got lots of books, clothes, tractors, and a set of pistols. It was very chaotic, but lots of fun!

Here's our attempt at getting a picture of the 3 little munchkins together. They were so funny!!

As you can tell we had a great Christmas and got to spend time with lots of family! What more could you ask for!

2nd Snow Day of 2008

On Thursday, December 11, 2008 we awoke to beautiful white snow in south Mississippi!! It's still hard for me to believe. It had also snowed in January of 2008, but Kyle and I were goofy and were so scared of Korben getting a snotty nose that we barely let him experience it and I only got ONE picture. So I was determined to have a little more fun this time around while I had the chance. Kyle was at work and I hated that he didn't get to enjoy it with us, but we still had a great time. Korben kept saying, "Mama...I wuv snow walking!"

Carrying a snowball around at Gammy & Pappy's house.

Christmas Morning 2008

Christmas was so much fun with Korben this year. From the day I put our tree up he has been so excited about it and got more into it than he had the past 2 Christmases. He loved to lay underneath the Christmas tree and drive his tractors on the branches. He really didn't bother any of the ornaments, but he was very interested in each one and liked to wook at them very closely. He sort of played with a few of them, but I didn't mind. The wonder and amazement in his eyes made me even more excited about the season, too.

Korben and Caroline checking out the Christmas tree ornaments at Mammy & PawPaw's house.

We baked cookies for Santa Clause on Christmas Eve and that was a lot of fun. I caught Korben a time or two trying to eat the flour. ha! I think they turned out pretty cute though. And evidently Santa must have enjoyed them because he only left a few crumbs. ;o)

Korben showing off the finished products.

Kyle and I had a very hard time getting Korben to wake up Christmas morning. Poor thing...I guess he was just exhausted from all the activities that had been going on. We finally just went in his room and woke him up. I hated to, but we had other places to go that day and I wanted him to have time to play at home before we ran off.

I kept telling him to go in the living room and see what Santa had brought for him, but he hung on to my neck like crazy! ha! I think in his little mind, he was probably expecting to see Santa still sitting in there and Korben is NOT a fan of Santa. lol! Once I got him in the living room though and he saw his new toys he was pretty excited and was all smiles!

Santa Clause brought Korben a Caterpillar train set (which was going around and around our Christmas tree when we woke up), a table and chair set, a remote control Caterpillar bulldozer, and a Little Tikes Shop 'n Learn Market. Korben also got a car, new toothbrush, a Crayola art smock, and a Horton Hears a Who DVD in his stocking.

Korben checkin out the goodies from Santa!

Korben Russell

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