Friday, February 27, 2009

Chocowate ina my milk!

Just when you think that maybe you can pull one over on a 2 year old...they catch you! Korben loves milk. He had no problems switching over from formula to whole milk (thank goodness) and would drink plain white milk in the beginning like a champ. Then we started adding a drinkable yogurt to his morning cup of milk (just to help him get a few more vitamins or whatever). His favorite is the Mixed Berry flavored one...I can't remember the brand.

Anyway...THEN somebody (surely it wasn't my own mother) started giving him chocolate milk. Well any kid knows that if milk is good, chocolate milk is EVEN BETTER. :o) So now my son won't hardly drink just plain white milk at all. But I still try to sneak it in on him when I can.

(You may want to pause the music player at the bottom before playing video clip.)

I had him. I gave him his cup in the kitchen and he turned it up and started chugging...all the way from the kitchen to the living room (which...I know...isn't that far). Sat down on his bean bag and kept drinking away while watching his "Dirt Monsters" DVD (see previous post).

And then it soon as I walked in the living room to sit down and relax, what did I hear from him? "Chocowate ina my milk...PWEASE!?"

PS...I'm sure it seems that I made all this up due to the fact that as the video starts he seems perfectly content until my prodding of "What do you want in your cup?", but I can assure you that the statement had already been made to me about a dozen times!! I just made him wait long enough for me to get my camera so I could try to capture his sweet little voice on video. I love the way he pronounces "chocolate" and "milk"...and also how he says "ina" instead of just "in". My sweet little buddy!


Kelly Taylor said...

That is too cute! I can't imagine Mrs. Melissa giving in to a new "addiction" for Korben!
I love your new look on your blog. I've been on working on a new header for mine, but can't get it to show up. It uploads in the layout, but isn't visable when I open the blog itself. I've saved it as a jpg. Any suggestions?

Susann said...

Hmmm...Sounds like you've done everything right. That's strange. I don't know why it won't work for you. I noticed that they're doing some maintenance on their site today. Maybe that had something to do with it. I don't know though.

Good luck!

Korben Russell

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