Friday, February 10, 2012

Artist in the Making

It has been very interesting lately to go through Korben's school bag each day.  He does a really good job on most all of his work...writing his letters, matching pictures, cutting and gluing.  But it used to be that once he was done with his school work I think he would try to entertain himself and in the process he would end up getting in trouble.  Whether he was distracting the other kids, or rolling around on the floor, or {perhaps} even TALKING out of turn, I think he was only looking for ways to occupy his time while the other kids finished up.

Well...THIS WEEK, his papers have looked a little bit different!  I think he has finally found a way to pass the time by and still have a little fun WITHOUT getting into trouble.  Check out what I've been finding on the back of his papers.

Example #1:  18-Wheeler complete with cables from cab to compartment area.
Example #2:  Police SWAT Team never know how much
back-up you may need.

Example #3:  Garbage Truck...What can I say?
He's always had a thing for recycling for some reason.

Example #4:  Firetruck with markers!  I love the detail on the ladders.
Can't forget that the one on top swivels!

Example #5:  The #20 Home Depot Race Car usually driven by Joey Logano!
I LOVE that he even remembered to draw the NET over the window
instead of just a plain opening.
Needless to say, my eyes are peeled these days and I can't wait to see what Korben has "used his imagination" to draw.  I hope he always keeps his keen eye for detail.  IF he will do that, I think he'll have a very happy wife one of these days.  I mean, seriously...surely if he remembers to draw the window net on a race car that would mean that he would never forget a birthday or anniversary or anything like that.  RIGHT? {At least I can hope.}

I love you, Mr. Korben!!  Keep it up, Buddy.  You make my heart smile!  :o)


Marcie said...

Those are awesome drawings!
I think they would look super cute framed!

~neisha~ said...

love this post, and also really digging the new *look* of your blog!! Yaaay! Welcome back Susann!

Marcie said...

Love the new look!
And if I can find time to blog so can you!

Korben Russell

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