Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Attempt at Better 2012 Blogging...

First of all, let's make one thing clear...I did NOT make a New Year's Resolution to do a better job of blogging.  So I don't really feel this pressure from anyone or any "promises" to do better.  But the fact still reamains, my poor blog has really missed me and I have missed it even more!  I always thought I would be the best at writing down little moments and remembering stuff, but ya'll...I STINK at it!  I have a hard time remembering to stop and buy a gallon of milk on the my way home from work let alone actually finding time to sit down and put words with pictures and "make it look all pretty".

Nonetheless, I am going to give it my best shot in 2012.  I hope to complete the ProjectScrap 2012 hosted through theShabbyShoppeBlog.  IF I stick with it, I should have at LEAST 2 scrapbook pages for each month of 2012.  And yes, I'm allowed to change it up however I feel like it OR to add more pages if need be.  I HOPE that I will have some memories that I can look back on and maybe even print in a BOUND book for 2012.  (A girl can dream, right?)  AND THEN...if I'm feeling super creative, I may even try to work backwards and do a 2011 album too.  So hang in there.  Hopefully there will be fun things to come.

For now, I'll leave you with my two January 2012 pages.  :o)  My family's memories in the making...

I think you should be able to click the images to view them larger.  At least that's how things worked "way back when" I used to blog alot more.  ha ha!  ENJOY!

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Marcie said...

Micah looks so pretty!

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