Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hooray for Spring Break!

Spring Break...whoever invented it was (or IS) a wonderful person! I sooooo needed a break from work (even though I haven't been back that long from maternity leave. :D I tried to rest and relax a little bit, but mostly I shopped, which I can't normally do during the work week because most stores are closed by the time I get off work.

It turned out to be a really good week though! First things first...I got a HAIRCUT!!! Korben isn't able to do as much pulling as he was pre-cut, but it's long enough that I can still tickle his face with it! He just thinks that is so funny!

NEXT (and definitely more important than the haircut), I found out that I'm going to be an AUNT again!!! Misti and Jason are expecting a baby! and Micah is going to be a BIG SISTER. She's just tickled to death! Due date is November 12th, so it's going to be another VERY exciting year for our family. I just can't WAIT!

NEXT!! On Saturday (17th) we had a family reunion in Natchez. It was really a lot of fun and it was nice to be able to see everybody. Kyle, Korben, and I went over Friday night and spent the night with Uncle Tommy and Aunt Jane until Sunday. It was kinda like a lil' vacation. :D

Here's a picture of our ENTIRE family:

And then one of MY lil family. Don't you just love Korben's new shades and hat!! He was just too cool. He's growing up so fast!! I just love him with all my heart!!!


Dana said...

He is definately a cool lil man... Yall are such a cute little family!! Love yall!!

Kristy said...

He's sooo cute. So did all the ladies get together before this event and decide to wear blue & green? you all coordinated very nicely. :)

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