Friday, March 23, 2007

Crazy, Crazy Daddy

OK...Anybody that knows my precious husband KNOWS that he's pretty CRAZY!! Well, he usually gives Korben a bath at night while I get his cereal and fruit and bottle ready. Last week, THIS is how Korben looked when Kyle brought him in the living room after his bath!!!

OH MY GOODNESS! I asked him how he got his hair to stay like that and he said, "Lots of lotion!" Please note that I am NOT a fan of the mohawk on my son, but I just had to share the pics. anyway.

Korben LOVES his fruit and cereal!! So far we've had applesauce and pears and they're both winners!! I think we're going to try bananas next and see how that goes. I hope he likes 'em!

Kyle got this lil puppy mask as a gag gift for his 30th birthday (a few years ago). ;) He puts it on sometimes and barks at Korben and he'll just laugh and laugh and try to "pet" him!! Well, Kyle decided that Korben needed to wear the mask. Poor child, he has no clue what a crazy, goofy family he's been born into! But OH THE LOVE we have for him!!

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