Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Well...Easter has come and gone. Time is flying by so fast. I think Korben enjoyed it. He really just wanted to gnaw on the handle of his Easter basket (bucket). :D

Don't you just love his attire?? He slept in his pj's with eggs and lil' chicks on them! And then wore his sweet Strasburg outfit to church.

Speaking of church --- Easter sunrise service also marked our first church service in our new sanctuary. It was so wonderful to be able to worship with EVERYBODY in one service (as opposed to 2 separate services). I was just overwhelmed with the love that God has for us!! That Jesus was willing to die on that cruel cross for ME and for MY sins. But I'm especially thankful that he AROSE from the grave and that he LIVES now and that I will see him face to face when I get to Heaven!! I hope that you were able to reflect on the Love of God for you this Easter...and not just on the eggs and bunnies.

Lord, thank you so much for your unfailing love that you have for me. And for the assurance that you give in your word that, no matter how many times we mess up or disappoint you, Your mercies are new every morning! You forgive us as soon as we ask and we move forward together. I love you!!

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