Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In Honor of Korben's 2nd Birthday

Now that Korben is 2, he got to move up to the big 2 year old class in Sunday School on Sunday, October 26th. It doesn't seem like he is big enough to be in this class, but he loves it!! They have a short lesson, do crafts, and have snacks (his favorite part). A big change from just PLAYING the entire time in the nursery.

Korben lovin' the snacks in the big kid class.
Our church gets volunteers to provide the altar flowers each Sunday. So Kyle and I signed up to do the flowers for the Sunday after Korben's birthday in HONOR OF his 2nd birthday. I thought the arrangement turned out nice.
Attempt at a picture of Korben with the arrangements.
He was too interested in playing with the tractor.

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