Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recent Pics - As Promised!

Korben...glued to his TV show.

Mug shot...BUSTED!!

Playin his guitar. This kid LOVES music and dancing!!

OK...the most recent horrible event. Korben fell this past Thursday night at home and busted his bottom lip!! His top teeth ALMOST went through his bottom lip. We had to rush to Stat Care and poor baby had to have 2 stitches (which probably doesn't sound like that much, but just imagine YOUR terrified almost 2 year old being strapped down onto one of those little papoose boards and 5 big strangers all hovering over him poking and prodding and sticking him with NEEDLES!! He had bad dreams about it a few nights in a row!

And...after all that trauma the night before, he woke up with a big ole smile on his face and a Bubba Gump lip! My sweet man!


Angela said...

He is such a big boy now! I can't believe it. And such a cutie! Love that handsome long hair. He will be a heartbreaker in no time!

The Murray Crew said...

Poor little buddy! Glad everything turned out alright. Thanks for following our journey!

Jen and The Crew

Korben Russell

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