Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend...Here I Come!

Good grief! Could this week have went by ANY slower? I'm completely exhausted from it. But's time for the weekend. Tonight Korben and I are going to Homecoming at West Lincoln. Kelsey and Anna Smith (flower girls in my wedding 9 1/2 years ago) are in the homecoming court. Kelsey is Homecoming Queen and Anna is 8th Grade Maid. I can't wait to see them. Also, my cousin, Shelby Lofton, is Softball Maid in the homecoming court. I'm hoping to get some cute pictures of my lil bitty man with the big girls, but WHO KNOWS if that will actually happen or not!! He's not much into being still these days! Whew...I think I already mentioned that I'm exhausted. So why not go all out for punishment. ha ha! I was really just planning on staying ONLY for the homecoming court, but THEN my sister told me that Micah (my oldest niece) is supposed to be cheering at half-time of the game tonight. Uggh... I guess we're going to attempt to stay until then. The last time (and only other time) we attempted to go to a football game my precious child was EXTREMELY ILL and having a complete meltdown before HALFTIME. Needless to was NOT pretty. ha ha! Bless his sweet heart. His hair is so cute and curly and it was so humid that night that he looked like he had an afro!!! Wish I had had my camera. PRICELESS. Anyway...hopefully I'll have some pictures to post next week on tonight's events.

While this was a very busy and stressful week (with work stuff alone) I also got a lot done. Managed to FINALLY get Korben's birthday party invitations printed and mailed, got Caroline's birthday party invitations started (will probably finish next Monday), AND now I'm starting to work on designs for Renee's Ornament Swap t-shirts!! YAY!!! I love all this fun stuff.

Is this cute or what!!! We're having a Backyardigans birthday party for my lil guy and we're kind of following the "Riding the Range" episode (cowboys). The Backyardigans are a HUGE hit around our house and have been for quite some time so I can't wait to see all the sweet kiddos at the party in their little Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua party masks. LOL!! TOO CUTE!

It's so hard to believe that Korben will be two years old next Saturday. TWO YEARS OLD!!! I was talking about it yesterday at work and kind of having a sad moment, but then a co-worker of mine gave me a new perspective of looking at it. She said, "Sometimes I like to think about my baby being older. Makes me proud to think that evidently I'm doing something right! I'm being a good Mama. She's growing, learning new things, and healthy." I hadn't really thought about it in that way. But after she said that I thought "WOW...that's SO true!" When I first had Korben I was so worried all the time that I was going to do something wrong or hurt him in some way. Didn't really have a clue what I was supposed to be doing as a Mama. But evidently I figured it out...he's almost 2 and still kicking! ha ha! LITERALLY! We still call him Thumper. ha ha!

Okay...this pretty much felt like a bunch of rambling, but I just wanted to post a little something. So there ya go. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Laura Lofton said...

I love that invitation!! SO CUTE!! Ben loves the Backyardigans too!Andrew thinks that it's a baby cartoon know cause he is SIX!! It is amazing how fast time flies...Ben will be four next month...not really a baby anymore.

Homecoming was sweet...Anna and Kelsey were both beautiful weren't they!! I didn't dare try to stay for the game...mine like to run and play with the older boys and I can't keep up with them!!

Next year will be my 10 year reunion and I was class president...I probably should start trying to find everyone now!! Well, I hope you have a "faster" week this week! Just 5 more weeks till Thanksgiving Break! I can hardly wait!!

Susann said...

:o) Thanks so much! I LOVE designing his little birthday invitations. It's so fun and makes it more special for ME. ha ha! Korben could care less.

I ended up not even going to Homecoming. I'm still upset about it too. I felt HORRIBLE when I got home from work Friday and actually even felt a little sick. So I stayed at home and Korben spent the night at my in-laws (thank goodness). I guess I must have just been physically EXHAUSTED or something. I felt much better when I woke up Saturday morning.

Good luck with the reunion. Mine was last year and I wasn't even a class officer but I ended up doing pretty much everything. It was okay, but I'm going to give somebody else the priviledge of handling it next time. LOL!

Angela said...

Love the invitations! Too cute. Hope the party goes well. Looking forward to seeing pics!

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